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Sweden : Matchrifle Model 63
Cal. 6,5x55SE repeater with internal magasine f. 5 rounds. In a very good condition. Maker: Carl Gustaf. Elit dioptric sight, hooded front sight and match barrel bright and with very good rifling.
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Price DKK 2.800,00 (EUR 375,84)
Riflesling f. Swedish Mauser M96/M38 - M/42
New/Unused Swedish sling.
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Price DKK 295,00 (EUR 39,60)
Denmark : Soldiers Rapier M/1701
hilt in steel coveret with heavy brass wire. Untouched for more than 80 years. The hilt is loose. The blade with patina. Lenght 91 cm. Blade lenght 74 cm.
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Price DKK 13.500,00 (EUR 1.812,08)
Fabriksny pistoltaske "UNCLE MIKE´S".
Original USA fremstillet kvalitets hylster "sidekick profesionel" passer til både højre og venstre hånd. Passer til: H&K USP 9 mm, .40, USP compact, Walther P99. Str. 30 - original pakket.
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Price DKK 195,00 (EUR 26,17)
Tilley Floodlight projector FL6 - OFFER !
Approx. 65 cm. From old stock. Made at Hendon, England. The tank holds 3,4 L. The lamp's light intensity is like 5000 normal lights.
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Price DKK 1.250,00 (EUR 167,79)
German Military Rifles
From the Werder Rifle to the M/71.84 Rifle. Stor flot bog 29,5 x 26 cm. Ca. 900 farvebilleder + s/h billeder og tegniger. 392 sider på engelsk.
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Price DKK 750,00 (EUR 100,67)

Saturday on 20 December 2014

FEUERHAND German Kerosene lantern - brand new !
German quality - FEUER HAND - super baby 175. New / unused from old stock but some light traces from storage.kann appear.
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Price DKK 95,00
 (EUR 12,75)

Surveillance Binoculars ROSS of London
made 1940 No 1B MKI. Light "fog" in okulars.
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Price DKK 2.500,00
 (EUR 335,57)

Britain: 1 world war
Victory medal 1914-18.
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Price DKK 200,00
 (EUR 26,85)

CHALWYN hurricane lamp.
Never used from old stock. Kerosene lamp made in England.
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Price DKK 110,00
 (EUR 14,77)

original scabbard. Rare !
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Price DKK 750,00
 (EUR 100,67)

Pramm Diopter f. swedish Mauser M/96.
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Price DKK 2.275,00
 (EUR 305,37)

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